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Here are some (of course not all) great works reminds me for the early classical photography somehow. The composition, the lights, the topic, are elements of the era i found again here partially or totally. I'm so happy to find these great works here in DA and i would like to share with You this way.
Under the Bridge by chocomalk

On the Advanced Photoshop Magazine frontpage

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 10, 2008, 3:05 PM
On the Advanced Photoshop Magazine frontpage

I feel very-very honoured since one of my works became the editor's choice by the Advanced Photoshop Magazine team as a "Pic of the week" work.…

As i informed it will be inside the august issue as well.


The zine is here:…


Journal Entry: Mon Feb 18, 2008, 1:31 PM
Motivations (trying to understand myself) - just some thoughts.

However it is hard to understand ourselves sometimes (do we really know who are we?), i'm trying to find the answer concerning my motivators e.g. in photography.

I would like to share one of them:

The outer world continuously influencing us. It can create a so strong and direct result (e.g. photojournalism), and can plant a silent core as well that can grow internally.

- "Silent" influences are small snippets many times. Puzzles from the fairy tales, books, paintings, movies, historical events. They are not too direct, but building theirselves step by step until they became more important and want to born finally.
I have several cores inside and they coming into my mind as real pictures after they grow enough.
"Painting"/pulling these pictures from my imagination/brain are important to me. Not just the result, but the process as well. More and more details coming into the surface as i start to "paint" them and it is great to see and realize what was inside originally. The "painted" result not only showing the whole one (because of technical and other limitations), naturally. Since of the construction phase is a journey itself, it is very important to me.


Journey to Distant worlds/scenes...

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 27, 2007, 12:20 PM
Journey to Distant worlds/scenes...

Featuring some great works from great creators taking us into somewhere else..

The Forgotten Atlantis by firedudewraith Dark Matter by Karezoid Someplace somewhere by MOSREDNA Polarlandia by YagaK :thumb47908829: Environment: FJORD by inetgrafx Nightlies by br0ken-heart Blue desert by bucz Blind Memory II by Pixydream :thumb51614477: Ahgir Tee by houk Cavern of Lanterns by 2B2H A New World by SebastienTabuteaud Hyperborea by Karezoid Olympos by ugurerbas

Christmas is coming...

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 23, 2007, 12:34 PM
Christmas is coming...

Hi there!

These are the most beautiful and harmonic days to me. The feelings of the preparation days, warmth, love... helping me to exist as a simple, peaceful human..... Additionally motivating me to think about the year behind of me. Good decisions, mistakes (always we have :-)), just reviewing without anxiety.
Sometimes it is hard to turn of myself as a "business man" and starting to experience how we have to be live our life. These days can help us a little.
And of course not thinking only about us and our family. Thinking about the others (any beings).

2 years ago i left the hungarian capital city (Budapest) with my family. We are living in a small village close to a small town currently. Basically we did it to find more peace and humanity here and i had to realize: the city takes away many things from our life, but the village can't provide anything without us.

Just live some minutes in peace, without rushing, seeing across the nature, talking a few words about small things and provide some smile that we have to do....

I wish You harmonic, peaceful, calm coming days for You and health of course, since that is the most important thing.


Eyes Talking...

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 14, 2007, 1:45 PM
Eyes Talking...

Where the Eyes have messages...

goodbye my lover by estellamestella .bambola. by TreMenda Black Reality by Freestylegirlzz :thumb47302000: indivisible by glitterdarkstar :thumb13635739: :thumb38539348: :thumb48043602: :thumb48543606: :thumb67719037: :thumb55533440: :thumb44278062: Forest01 by horstdesign :thumb43744419: :thumb42916195:

Mature Content

Katia portrate by seredin
:::BLACK::: by SATYRJA :thumb55431237: pressure by JuliaDunin Say cheeezzz..3 by carlzon Rocking Eye By Philippe Booch by GwenaAiles

What will remain..

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 12, 2007, 12:56 PM
What will remain..

I've just started to think about what i will leave if i will not exist anymore. Early to think? I hope, but it is our destiny..
What will remain after us? What is most important for me: love and peace inside the heart of my family and my friends.
How can we provide peace?... I don't know, but we have to try to find out.
The pictures?.... Sometimes these are reflections but many times these are small windows into ourselves. They show our emotions, feelings and our point of view how we are seeing the world.
I hope i can transfer what i feel accross my works punctually and helping others to understand myself.

Just some thoughts, not more....


Passage in time (with our current reflections)

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2007, 12:54 PM
A new collaboration experiment together with Coffea (Katewalker)

Our first collaboration made exciting days to us. It revealed a great mental experience and inspired us to create something together again...

A few days ago we decided to work out our new collaboration game: creating something related to our childhood.

We established our new rules that were the following:
- Rule 1: The topic defined (Childhood) and we had to create our works regarding that.
- Rule 2: Don't show any own drafts/results until our own concept is ready inside our mind (aiming not influence each other).
- Rule 3: There is no predefined photo-pool to select from. We can take any photos, can create any kind of results from our own sources.

What i saw and understood? Childhood is an enermous source. But what is remarkable: These memory fragments are reflections however the mirror is our current internal world/feelings.
We have many prints like small pictures, short movies in our memories. Some fragments are very clear, some of them hidden and needs a „hook" to became visible from the unvisible „deep". When we found a piece from these hidden memories it is like finding a treasure.
There are own risks of these small, hiding fragments: our current feelings, emotions can expand, repaint them a little bit. Of course everything is bound to the same human, to the same mind and our past has very-very strong relationship into our today-mentality.

And now, let's see the works:

by :iconcoffea:

Help the Tin Soldier by space1999 by :iconspace1999:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Comments on Coffea's work (as i see it) – Preference

As usual, Coffea's illustration has its unique atmosphere. This work is a more step further, presenting the zone of the timeless inbetween. Seeing a child and an adult at the same time via the same human. You can't catch it, fantastic emotions.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Comments on Space1999's work – Help the Tin Soldier

I read this very sad Andersen-story a long time ago when i was about 10 years-old. (There was a library where i had a membersip and i went to this small library to borrow books, tales from it frequently.)
I had a strange feeling (as i remember) reading this tale. It wasn't an ordinary story, i didn't understood deeply i think. But i remember that it has depressing movements and finally i didn't want accept that sad ending. It wasn't a common tale and created its print in my mind (so, it is with me).
Reading the tale again as an adult i think Andersen put many feelings, rich emotions and several metafores into this short tale.
Now after many years i created a tribute to this tale and creating an „alloy" of the oldies memories with my current mentality.
This current work on the right side tries to show the internal Tin-like world of the Tin Soldier and tries to present and give support to him to reach his purpose.
Ont he left you can see possible fairy players with their created atmosphere from a possible past with a small secret on it. (You can find the Ballerina there). The question is: who and how created her? She is living maybe independently?
Yes, and i hope the Tin Soldier will find her since we are children as well.

Thank You Liz again for the great possiblity.

J'ai une ame solitaire

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 13, 2007, 12:19 PM
Experiment - A Paralell collaboration.

We had some interesting days together with Katewalker (Coffea) during the last two weeks. We tried to touch the same basic story and working on our triptychs, using the same photo collection.
The great idea came from Coffea: "Let's work on our own versions and not to show them each other until they’re done. We will get the experience of how we see the story and how we process it inside our minds."
These works are just finished and we would like to invite you to see them if you are interested in.

About the story:
From an outside point of view, the story is about a short journey to France (the Mediterranean Nice). A man meets a woman, they fall in love with each other, but finally they become lonely after their break.
Really You can see two lonely souls who were and remain lonely. It is the main message under the romantic surface. Many humans (men and women) living their life inside with their "soul-loneliness".

The basic rules of the Experiment were:

*     We used the same photo package (about six photos) and selected 3 of them.
*     We haven't seen each other’s "work in progress" phases

The results:
You can see the two versions here and through them:

*     How differently a man and a woman can interpret the story
*     What feelings and emotions we had
*     How we tried to show and present these feelings

Please check out the two versions and share your opinion about them.

by :iconcoffea:

J'ai une ame solitaire by space1999 by :iconspace1999:

It was a great thing to me working inside this collaboration, thank You Liz.

I took some minor modifications (repair) on the following illustrations inside my gallery:

Unredemptionable -…
Nightmare-Dread  -…
Searching the essence of the world and finding what is inside is an unlimited journey.
Trying to understand the relationships between the elements, the influences will motivate us to step into the deep.
Taking a look into ourselves and discovering the created mixed-reflections will bring us to the surface.
We have many emotions, projected to our outer, and influences as well that forming ourselves.

Kraftwerk - Hall of mirrors

The young man stepped into the hall of mirrors
Where he discovered a reflection of himself
Even the greatest stars discover themselves in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars discover themselves in the looking glass

Sometimes he saw his real face
And sometimes a stranger at his place
Even the greatest stars find their face in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars find their face in the looking glass

He fell in love with the image of himself
and suddenly the picture was distorted
Even the greatest stars dislike themselves in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars dislike themselves in the looking glass

He made up the person he wanted to be
And changed into a new personality
Even the greatest stars change themselves in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars change themselves in the looking glass

The artist is living in the mirror
With the echoes of himself
Even the greatest stars live their lives in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars live their lives in the looking glass

Even the greatest stars fix their face in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars fix their face in the looking glass

Even the greatest stars live their lives in the looking glass
Even the greatest stars live their lives in the looking glass
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